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Fish Face
de David Doubilet

Book Description
The world's oceans are one of the last great largely unexplored places on earth. They teem with life some of it familiar and some of it strange to us and "Fish Face" takes us closer to the fish that live here. Showing full-page pictures of close up portraits of their faces, the book takes us from the beautiful to the ugly, from spiky to rotund. The huge variety of species is appealing and astounding. The book takes a look at the work of David Doubilet, widely acclaimed as the world's leading underwater photographer. He has photographed fish for over 25 years and "Fish Face" looks at the most colourful, fun and bizarre fish he has encountered. This book should appeal to anyone who has ever wondered about the variety of fish living in our oceans and to naturalists and photographers alike.

L'Ere de l'eau
de David Doubilet


Water Light Time
de David Doubilet

Book Description
David Doubilet is widely acclaimed as the world's leading underwater photographer. His award-winning book Water Light Time showcases over twenty-five years' of his work under the oceans and seas of all parts of the globe. Sharks and shipwrecks, rare and unusual species, exotic vegetation, startling and vivid colours, Doubilet's pictures inspire awe at both the wonder of the undersea world and the extraordinary skill of the photographer. A selection of beautiful images from this magical, and sometimes dangerous, submarine world is now available in a set of 45 postcards, with three each of 15 stunning images.

Les yeux de la mer
de David Doubilet




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