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Guide pratique de la photo noir et blanc
de Richard Olsenius

Présentation de l'éditeur
Intemporelle, la photographie en noir et blanc ne retient de son sujet que l'essentiel. Elle permet de fixer les détails les plus infimes d'une scène, que la couleur risquerait de dissimuler. Par sa précision et sa sobriété, le noir et blanc dégage une puissance évidente. Que vous souhaitiez photographier un paysage, faire un portrait ou fixer un moment exceptionnel, ce guide vous apportera des clés pour apprendre à visualiser les scènes en noir et blanc et pour optimiser le rendu des différentes lumières. Vous y trouverez également des conseils pour vous familiariser avec l'intégralité du processus de la photographie numérique.

Les photographes du NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC vous révèlent leurs secrets et leurs techniques. Un guide destiné aussi bien aux débutants qu'aux photographes expérimentés.

Wisconsin Travel Companion: A Guide to History Along Wisconsin's Highways
de Richard Olsenius

Book Description
Places both familiar and unknown will be revealed to the reader in a whole new light by this absorbing travel guide. Whether you are an active or armchair traveler, this timeless volume will acquaint you with the Wisconsin you never knew.
"A resource you can return to time and time again-a valuable addition to any home library. . . The book's lode of historical gold makes it a compelling companion." The Milwaukee Journal

Richard Olsenius has been a photojournalist and filmmaker for thirty years, during which time he worked at the Star Tribune in Minneapolis and National Geographic magazine. He is the recipient of a World Press Photo Award and has written several books, most recently Arctic Odyssey (1998).

Judy Zerby is a nationally published journalist and world-traveling professional tour guide.


National Geographic Photography Field Guide: Digital Black & White
de Richard Olsenius

Book Description
Veteran National Geographic photographer, photo editor, and filmmaker Richard Olsenius provides a compelling case for capturing the essence of people and landscapes through black-and-white photography, and shares his secrets to mastering the craft and the latest technology. This 160-page guidebook is as much about "how to visualize a story in black and white" as it is about the technical aspects of photography. Finding black and white in a world of kaleidoscopic color, seeing the essential form, structure, or meaning in a subject, requires "a special way of seeing."

The guide covers the advantages of different camera formats, lenses, and light filters for different types of photography. The goal is to aid new or developing photographers in choosing the best camera and equipment for achieving their objectives. A section on light and film provides tools and advice on how to use light and various films to provide a palette of tone and brightness in the final photographic image. A master printer in both color and black and white, Olsenius provides numerous suggestions on both digital and darkroom techniques for printing the final image. The guide is filled with 120 photographs illustrating the techniques addressed in each chapter.

In addition, the work of four noted photographers is included in the guide, along with interviews describing their reasons for shooting in black and white. They include Father Don Doll, who has worked most of his career photographing Native Americans and produced a number of stories for National Geographic Magazine. Brian Peterson is an award-winning newspaper photographer for the Star Tribune in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Marion E. Warren is a noted photographer who at 84 is best known for his work on the Chesapeake Bay. Nick Kelsh is a commercial photographer and art director who works in advertising and has produced several specialty books using black-and-white photography.

Additional information on displaying and storing photography is included in the guide. A Useful Information section includes Web-based resources, books, and magazines to provide valuable references for the emerging photographer.

Minnesota Travel Companion: A Guide to History Along Minnesota's Highways
de Richard Olsenius

Book Description
The long-awaited republication of this fascinating travel guide to Minnesota.

Due to popular demand, this classic guides to the highways and back roads of Minnesota is back in print. The unique purpose behind this previously hard-to-find travel companion is to explore the history of towns along the most well-traveled highways of this state. The reader will learn the stories behind the road signs-not only why towns formed where they did and how they were named, but also local anecdotes, historical accounts, and personal glimpses. The volume is enlivened by maps, illustrations, and historical photographs.

Among the fascinating stories is that of Hibbing, Minnesota, which at one point had to be moved several miles because of its situation atop rich deposits of iron ore, and later gave birth to the Greyhound Bus Line.


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