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Steve McCurry
de Anthony Bannon

Présentation de l'éditeur
Steve McCurry (né en 1950) est essentiellement connu pour son travail photographique en couleurs sur l'Asie du Sud-Est. Dans la tradition documentaire la plus noble, il capte des instants de vie qui transcendent les barrières de la langue et de la culture. Sa carrière commence en 1979 alors que, venant du Pakistan, il pose le pied en territoire afghan sur le point d'être envahi par l'Union soviétique et contrôlé par les rebelles. Ce reportage lui vaudra la prestigieuse médaille d'or Robert-Capa. Steve McCurry collabore depuis plusieurs années à National Geographic et est membre de Magnum Photos depuis 1986. Ses images sont devenues emblématiques de notre époque.

Biographie de l'auteur
Anthony Bannon est directeur de la George Eastman House à l'International Museum of Photography and Film de Rochester (Etat de New York). Il est l'auteur de The Taking of Niagara: A History of the Falls in Photography (1982).

South southeast (en anglais)
de Steve McCurry

Publisher comments
This is a portfolio of the best of Steve McCurry's photography: classical, beautiful and often powerful images from the countries of South and South East Asia.

The Path to Buddha: A Tibetan Pilgrimage
de Steve McCurry (Photographies)

Book Description
Tibet suffered extreme political turmoil during the latter 20th century. Occupied in 1950, Red Guards destroyed thousands of official buildings and holy places during the Cultural Revolution and religious freedom and traditional education is still severely under threat. Due to the strength of the Tibetan's faith in Buddha and the Dalai Lama and against the odds many buildings have been reconstructed and their devotion and belief have remained extraordinarily strong. Buddhism permeates every part of a Tibetan's life, whether they are the Tibetans living in Tibet or the hundreds of thousands that live away from their homeland, in Nepal, India or the United States. This text is divided into five parts, with two main chapters devoted to the religious and lay Buddhists on their pilgrimages to holy sites. We see the monks in animated discussion, meditation and prayer and follow the devout believers on their arduous journeys to prayer. These two main chapters are interspersed with sections of portraits of this proud and dignified people who have their own innate sense of style and fashion demonstrated in the way they dress and adorn themselves. Known for his beautiful and uplifting imagery and soulful, but intimate, portraits, Steve McCurry's book offers an intimate insight into a unique and dignified culture.

Portraits Postcards
de Steve McCurry

Publisher comments
Following the publication of Steve McCurry's "Portraits", a selection of the best images are presented in this set of 50 postcards. Made during assignments for "National Geographic Magazine", the photographs are un-stylized snapshots of people revealing the universality of human emotion.

Steve McCurry : Sanctuary , édition en langue anglaise
de Steve McCurry

Book Description
Magnum photographer Steve McCurry has beautifully and evocatively photographed the temples of Angkor in Cambodia, among the world’s most impressive monuments. Published for the first time in paperback ,over one hundred of his images of the site are collected in this stunning book, which documents a magical world of carved gods, weathered masonry, tangled vegetation and orange-robed monks.


de Steve McCurry


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