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How to Photograph Your Life
de Nick Kelsh

Book Description
Nick Kelsh's winning formula for creating the consistently top-ranking titles in his category? Simply put, Kelsh can teach anyone--with any kind of camera--to take great pictures, by showing how he takes his own great pictures.
Kelsh presents more than 40 new picture-taking scenarios--the types that fill everyone's photo albums. Whether capturing milestones such as graduations or weddings, or the unexpected occurrence, such as a beautiful sunset or a pet in a funny pose, Kelsh's readers will learn to make images they can be proud of.

Each spread addresses one photo idea, with simple techniques and tips explained using a "predictable amateur photo" compared to the same image improved by professional wisdom. A special 8-page gatefold demonstrates "how to photograph a vacation." These are the photo-ops of our daily lives and, mundane or special, they represent what everyone really wants to know: how to take a picture of a group of friends, how to photograph a private moment, and even how to take a good picture of something you want to sell on eBay.

Special attention is paid to the growing number of people working with point-and-shoot digital cameras. Kelsh has photographed the entire book with one and he includes advice on how to use it as well as image storage for the digital family album.

You've photographed Baby and Family. It's time for the rest of your life in How to Photograph Your Life.

How to Be Dad
de Nick Kelsh

Book Description
Hot on the heels of his bestselling How to Be Santa Claus, photographer-philosopher Nick Kelsh turns his often irreverent and frequently poignant eye to the subject of what it means to be Dad. New dads and granddads alike will find a wealth of practical tips on fatherhood (and photos to reinforce them) that Kelsh has learned along the way. Here is the perfect gift for all of the dads in your life.



How to Be Santa Claus
de Nick Kelsh

Book Description
Something wonderful happened to Nick Kelsh last Christmas Eve. He became Santa Claus. Donning appropriate red suit, boots, and beard, he knocked on a friend's front door and brought magic to the gathering. "Who are you?" they all asked, and he told them the truth: "I am Santa Claus." When the festivities were over, Kelsh knew that he had discovered the greatest gift of all-and now he'd like to share it with you.
In How to Be Santa Claus, Nick Kelsh shows you how simple it is to become the Big Man. Written in the same witty, user-friendly style this lighthearted manual takes you step-by-step through the process. How to Be Santa Claus is the perfect book to melt away holiday stress. Spend a day as Santa and you will learn-as Kelsh did-that a thoughtful gesture is the greatest gift of all, for giver and receiver both.

How to Photograph Your Baby: Getting Closer With Your Camera and Your Heart
de Nick Kelsh

In an accessible, easy-to-follow guide that reveals the techniques he has developed over the years, a professional photographer shows how to successfully take pictures of babies and young children. 150 photos, 100 in color., including 9 gatefolds.

Back Cover copy
Taking professional-quality photographs of your favorite baby is within your grasp.
It's amazingly easy and fun-and you don't need a fancy camera.

The basic baby photography techniques and tips provided by Nick Kelsh, renowned photographer and best-selling author of "Naked Babies" and "Siblings," can improve the photography of people at all skill levels. Kelsh's appealing conversational style and "no tech talk" rule make this a book anyone (even sleep-deprived new parents) can learn from and enjoy. Inside find:

- 9 self-contained "lessons" with over 100 tips and ideas in a unique foldout format. Each lesson includes easy-to-follow instructions as well as helpful advice, accompanied by a wealth of visual examples of good and bad picture-taking techniques.

- Foolproof methods guaranteed to make your baby smile for photographs every time, along with Kelsh's "tricks of the trade" that will keep your baby-and you-smiling throughout every photo session.

- Engaging information on topics such as mastering the close-up, utilizing natural light, and transforming locations throughout the home-or even a car-into improvised photo studios.

- Plus: fun ways to display your masterpieces, as well as advanced ideas for people who want to take their picture-taking to a higher level.

Baby photography is easy and enjoyable. It's a promise!

About the author
NICK KELSH is a renowned photographer whose work has been featured in numerous publications, including on the covers of several books in the prestigious Day in the Life series. He collaborated with author Anna Quindlen to create the best-selling books Naked Babies and Siblings.


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